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Voices from the Voluntary Sector

Voices from the Voluntary Sector. logoFrom 11 March to 9 April 2022, the Voices from the Voluntary Sector exhibition attracted many visitors to the Lowewood Museum, Hoddesdon. The project recorded some of the history and achievements of the community and voluntary sector in Broxbourne over the last 50 years. The exhibition included information boards, artefacts and oral history films to celebrate the lives and contributions made to the community by ordinary people.

We have now made the exhibition available to view here. Click on each of the images or titles below to view the videos that were featured in our exhibition.

Please click here to view the full individual films of all participants as they’ve given their oral histories

How can you contribute?

Do you know anyone or any organisation that has contributed to their local community over the last 50 years? They could have run a community group, supported local people or anything else. If so, we would love to hear about their contribution.

For further information about Voices from the Voluntary Sector please email Susan Lankester.

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Heritage Broxbourne

What was it?

Our exhibition grew out of a project called Heritage Broxbourne which was originally established in 2020.

Broxbourne has changed dramatically over the last 50 years, with development and expansion of the area, as well as settlement in the Borough by a range of ethnic minority communities. There were stories to be told in Broxbourne around the history of the community and charity sector. The aim of this project was to research this history and produce moveable displays/oral histories to celebrate the lives and contributions made to the community by ordinary people. This aspect of local history had never been researched and documented, and we considered it timely to do this now, as many of the older residents who have had an impact in the community were getting older. We recorded this aspect of the social history of the area, to share our findings with current residents and ensure that this was recorded for future generations.

What we did

We interviewed local residents to record how they supported communities within the Borough of Broxbourne over the last 50 years. These recordings were transcribed, and we produced:

  • Soundbites and Oral Histories of the recordings
  • Visual records
  • Research findings
  • Mobile Exhibitions to be displayed in venues across the District
  • A semi-permanent exhibition displayed at Lowewood Museum and other venues in the District
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